sausages packaging forming film & Non-froming film

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  • Thickness: 115um
  • Model: QXPE125
  • Length: 914/457m
  • Width: 406/421mm
  • Color: transparency
  • Product name: thermoforming film
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Shandong Qilu Barrier Film™ Shandong Qilu 话题标签packaging 话题标签thermoformer 话题标签thermoforming 话题标签flexible offers a wide range of multilayer flexible packaging materials for food industries. High-quality structures ensure secure protection from moisture, light, oxygen, fat, odors allowing preservation of the original flavor and aromatic properties of the product appearance, color and, above all, prolongation of the shelf life without the use of additional preservatives.

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Usage: Cheese (hard and soft) Poultry Meat products Meat stuffing Meat prepared food Sausages Fish and seafood Ready-made meals, salads Vegetables, berries Characteristics of the films: High barrier properties High temperature endurance Low temperature sealing heat is suitable for use on high-speed machines High mechanical strength and puncture resistance Size stability Gloss and glitter of the surface All the materials offered have special properties which make it possible to use them in vacuum packaging and MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) technologies.

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